What you Need to Know About Bots

As consumers are bombarded with more and more advertisements both online and in the real world, the challenge of directly appealing to customers is a challenge being faced by many businesses both large and small. Combining the AI system and machine learning with the personal touch of technology platforms such as instant messaging apps or mobile devices, bots are the best way for businesses to reach out to the customers individually. Bots are a new AI driven way to interact with users in a variety of environments.

Here are few ways bots can be beneficial for your business.

  • Customer relationship management

Bots can assist consumers with difficult transactions, make recommendations and gather data. For example, an online shopping bot can answer your questions about the products you have been looking at, recommend similar products or products that are frequently bought or suggest better options and place orders. Matched to a sophisticated data mining back end, the bot could build up customer profiles that the shopping app can use to offer deals and other services.

  • Publishing and entertainment

Bots provide an engaging and highly dynamic interface for a different variety of content. For example, you can use bots to display articles in a conversational format and can also experiment with offering videos, magazine content and novels directly to the user through popular messaging platforms. Bots are a way to reach younger users many of whom spend a significant amount of time in messaging apps. This could be a significant avenue for influencer marketing.

  • Increases productivity

Bots can help you increase productivity by replacing various slow tasks with simple natural language interface. For example, a bot connected to a medical record system can retrieve information faster than a conventional look up. You just need to ask which medicine was prescribed to the patient during his December visit? And get the information instantly. Bots can also schedule meetings over email and facilitate communication among teams.

This is how bots can be beneficial to you and your business.